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Andbank is an organisation committed to people and social values. Throughout our more than 80 years of history we have fostered a corporate spirit of solidarity, involved in the social causes around us.

Andbank actively supports the Asociación Solidaria de colaboradores de Andbank (the Solidarity Association of Andbank Collaborators). We  cover and give efficient support to all the social actions led by our collaborators both locally and globally.

Our most notable areas of participation are:

  1. Andbank and sports

    Sponsorship of various sports activities
    through clubs, Andorran federations
    and other organizations.

    Every year Andbank shows its strong
    commitment to sport, sponsoring
    important sporting events in both the
    national and the international

    • Andbank Golf Circuit
    • Olympic Committee
    • Andbank Freestyle team
    • Manuel Cerqueda Memorial Competition for senior skiers
  2. Andbank and culture

    Contributing to cultural diffusion in

    As an element of social cohesion, 
    supporting and promoting culture 
    continues to be one of Andbank´s 
    main aims for sponsorship.

    We collaborate with the Spanish,
    French and Portuguese embassies,
    contributing to their cultural diffusion.

    • Concert in collaboration with the Spanish embassy
    • Manel Cerqueda Short Novel Prize
  3. Andbank and the environment

    Consuming raw materials and energy

    In relation to the environment, Andbank
    focuses its aims on social awareness for
    all agents in the organisation, and on
    reducing consumption of raw materials and
    energy, in addition to recycling them.

    • Selective collection of paper, plastic and glass
    • Ecological consumption of paper
    • Printer and fax toner recycling
    • Battery recycling
  4. Andbank in the business world

    Driving business initiatives
    locally and internationally.

    Andbank participates in:

    • Family business forum
    • Thematic conferences