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Andbanc is an organisation committed to its employees, always looking for the best training options to guarantee our clients a professional and avant-garde service


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    Jean Claude de RocheManaging Director of Panama


-    Matura Comercial, Bellinzona, Switzerland, 1981
-    Credit Analyst, UBS New York, 1994
-    29 years of professional experience and development in the banking sector.
-    More than 15 years of experience in International Private Banking.
-    In Andbank: since 2002

Which of Andbank's values would you emphasise?

It is a bank with a long history that reflects security and tradition. This feature is very important for costumers who need peace of mind and a relationship of trust with their private banker.

How would you describe your professional development and growth since becoming a part of the Andbank team?

I was one of the first to be involved with Andbank's internationalisation project back in 2002. I remember that period as being a major strategic changes for the bank, of growth and adapting to new circumstances.
With a lot of effort and belief in the project, we managed to guarantee a flexible and competitive service for Private Banking clients in Latin America.
We have been capable of obtaining for our organisation in Panama, which now has a team of 14 expert professionals, the credibility required for our clients to entrust us with the management of their assets.

Are you happy with the balance between your personal and professional life?

Everyone has to find the formula for achieving their own life balance. Excesses are never good in the long term. It's not easy to meet professional challenges, at the same time as social and family commitments. I am lucky to have a loving and very supportive wife, which makes things easier.