andbanc / Private Bankers

Investment philosophy

Since 1930, protecting and growing capital has been the core principle of asset management for Andbank. Solid and long-lasting results are obtained through a meticulous management process.

Aware of the requirements posed by a family estate, Andbank offers a service with highly qualified professionals specialised in the area of Family Offices, who will guarantee that your investments are coordinated correctly to ensure the continuity of your assets for generations to come.

The key to success lies in a method perfected over more than 80 years of experience that enables exhaustive risk control using the most advanced tools. This method consists of 5 clearly differentiated phases:

  1. 01

    Meticulous analysis of the client's profile and needs

  2. 02

    Formulating an investment strategy

  3. 03

    Definition of management targets

  4. 04

    Execution and implementation

  5. 05

    Tracking and checking results