andbanc / Private Bankers



In compliance with the Law 15/2003, of 18 December, on personal data protection, the client clearly authorizes the personal data given to andbank is handled in an automated manner and is incorporated in the entity’s files, with the objective to fulfil the contractual judicial relations which unifies us.

Moreover, the client also authorizes andbank to use this data for the following purposes:

• To give you information on the offer, promotion and subscription to its products or any other information this is thought to be of interest.

• To make profiles, analyse new proposals and evaluate risks.

• Until the client tells us differently, it is considered that the client gives his/her consent for the use of his/her personal data for the above mentioned purposes. In any case, the client may oppose to the use of his/her data at any time, by informing the bank.

Unless the customer indicates to the contrary, we shall consider that the customer has given consent for the use of these personal data for the aforesaid purposes. In any event, the use of these data can be opposed at any time, with no other requirement than a communication to the bank.

According to the cited personal data protection law, the client may exercise his/her rights of access, correction and suppression of the data which is can be used at any moment, according to a simple request to andbank, like the data processing responsible.