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Discretionary management

Our own Investment Committee made up of international experts establishes the guidelines for our clients’ assets completely independently, constantly adjusting and controlling the risk level and expected return that can be anticipated.

Private Clients


It is a type of management with moderate volatility, focused on protecting capital and looking for a positive return in any market situation. The strategy used to manage this portfolio encourages flexibility when it comes to adapting the investment mix that our analysts deem necessary according to their own view of the market.


Our directional management uses one or more rates that are representative of the market as a reference point. The assets that make up this portfolio are sensitive to trends, and therefore obtaining results is subject to general market behaviour.
The strategy undertaken by our managers seeks to maintain a stable balance in each asset class according to the investor's risk profile.
The return-risk binomial is maximised in the long term.


This type of management is focused on clients with high net worth who require longstanding professional assistance and advice.
A maximum return is sought for investments through a strategy adapted to the requirements of every customer.