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Published 19/07/2019

The challenge that all managers and financial institutions want to achieve.

By Jordi Riera
General Director of Andbank Asset Management

In a well-known publication of the financial sector, an article appeared highlighting the boom in Spain of small managers whose business philosophy is to differentiate themselves in the type of management and thus arouse the interest of investors, achieving high levels of commercialization of their products.

Managing the assets of our clients, advising investors on their operations, evaluating, filtering carefully and deciding which are the best products that can be adapted to each profile, as well as achieving a good profitability, seems an easy task. But this is the challenge that all managers and financial institutions want to achieve.

Andbank Asset Management is the asset manager of Andbank Group in Andorra. We manage the assets of our investors and lead the asset committees composed of specialists from all jurisdictions in which we are present. This structure of making decisions is our differential trait, which brings globality, consensus and independence, while we carry out our duties with the utmost professionalism and rigor in an active manner.

Our team works globally, not only in Andorra, but also in Luxembourg, both in discretionary management and in personalized management, thus taking advantage of one of the most important financial centers in the world.

In Andbank Asset Management we work to adapt ourselves in the investment profile of our clients, to offer a wide range of products adapted to each of the profiles.

We have defined and differentiated products:

In the field of investment Funds, vehicles within the reach of any equity range, we have a varied offer so that our client can find the product that best fits them. Our desire for transparency and to do a job well done has led us to focus resources on the promotion of the Sigma Investment House: our investment fund hub in Luxembourg. In this project, we highlight several fixed income funds, with a conservative profile, the Sigma IH – Moderate Allocation, a moderate profile fund based in our quantitative model and; our star fund, the Sigma IH – Balanced: our diamond. This fund is designed to adapt to any circumstances of the markets. Our dedication, perseverance and strict investment process has allowed us to achieve 4 stars in the institutional class.

In the world of model portfolios, designed for clients with a medium heritage, we offer, on the one hand, the Profile Portfolio; portfolios that invest mainly in investment funds, open architecture, in which our funds selectors incorporate the best alternatives based on our market vision. It should be noted that the universe of investment funds is very broad, and we also apply rigorous qualitative and quantitative filters to choose the most optimal selection for our clients.

On the other hand, we have the Asset Value portfolios, in which the investment strategy is centered on ETFs. The strategy, based in a quantitative model of risk developed by Andbank Asset Management, aims to build efficient, diversified and flexible portfolios.

The needs of our investors don’t have to fit with the investment funds or model portfolios, where investments are defined in a very precise policy. For this reason, we highlight the exclusive service of personalized management of portfolios. Our managers build fully customized portfolios with the best market alternatives and applying a strategic and tactical vision that fits perfectly with the investor profile and with the specific needs of the client. These portfolios are aimed at clients of high patrimonial level and with demanding needs.

Finally, we must point out the involvement and dedication of our management team in the construction and maintenance of all these vehicles and services: Carles Anguera, responsible and specialist in the area of variable income and Asset Allocation, Aitor Fuster and Albert Borràs, specialists in portfolio management, investment funds and ETFs, Paulina Fisz covering fixed income assets and, Roland Bonet and Inés Pastor, responsible for internal control, supervision of delegated activities and reporting.

We are a great team of professionals and people, with more than 15 year of experience in asset management. Committed to the excellence of service to our clients, our main objective is to extract the maximum potential from our investment decisions to offer the best results with the lowest possible risk.