We offer an integrated custody service that enables consolidated financial statements, detailed performance reports, and risk analysis to be obtained instantly in one single report, regardless of the jurisdiction.

Our management platform – open 24/7 year-round – enables guaranteed direct and supervised access for our investors to any financial centre of the international market.


Family Business experience

Conscious of the requirements of a family estate, Andbank offers a service with highly qualified and specialized professionals.

Coordinated in a multidisciplinary philosophy, our team of specialists guarantees specific assistance with fiscal and legal matters, as well as advising on the real economy and property markets for any aspect of your assets that may require it.

Our management ensures the inheritance of your wealth by the next generations, offering global solutions, advice on financial matters and synergies between families.


Non-financial advice

Andbank offers its clients a personalized advice service. For clients wishing to diversify their investments towards other non-financial portfolios, our experts will advise you on philanthropy, and art and education, among other areas, always helping you to find a compatible balance between your lifestyle and your level of wealth.


Synergies between families / club deals

Andbank offers its private clients the possibility of co-investing in exclusive operations with us.

Club deals consist of the acquisition of a company or a majority holding in the company, in which several different investors participate.

This practice has historically allowed investors to share risks and pool resources to purchase bigger companies that would not have been possible otherwise. It is a service that shows our willingness to share investment risks with our clients.

Being a family bank gives us a key competitive advantage through which it is clear that we share interests with our clients.

Andbank brings together investors with diverse backgrounds, individuals, professionals, family businesses and private equity companies.