Lombard Loans are an attractive solution that allows our clients to access new capital by pledging an existing portfolio of financial assets held in Andbank Luxembourg or another financial entity.

The collateral provided by the client as a guarantee allows us to offer our clients attractive and competitive interest rates.

The amount granted depends on the assets in the underlying portfolio (i.e. the collateral). The more liquid and less risky the underlying assets, the higher the amount that can be granted.

Our conservative risk-based approach allows us to offer clients attractive proposals while at the same time maintaining our high solvency rates, which enhances the security of our depositors.


Leveraged Lombard Loans

Leverage Lombard Loans allow taking advantage of market opportunities by pledging your existing portfolio in order to leverage your investment.

Even better financing conditions are offered to those clients that desire to leverage a portfolio that is already managed by Andbank Luxembourg.


Disposal Lombard Loans

Disposal Lombard Loans allow you to finance your projects at highly competitive interest rates while you continue to benefit from the potential capital appreciation of your portfolio.