The Principality of Monaco

Stability and Security

The Principality of Monaco is an independent sovereign state with a stable political regime ruled for more than 700 years by the Grimaldi dynasty.

Located in the heart of the French Riviera, it enjoys one of the most privileged geographical locations where there is top level security for both people and property.

Economically and Socially Dynamic

Monaco has a particularly dynamic social and economic life. The cultural and sports calendar is very rich and the social circles are very international: 35,000 residents of more than 120 nationalities.

The economy is driven by diverse sectors such as trade, finance, real estate and construction. The industrial sector is decidedly technology-oriented: chemistry, pharmacy, cosmetics, plastics processing, etc.

Favourable Fiscal Environment

Aside from the specific case of French residents in the Principality, there are no direct taxes on wealth, revenues, landed property or direct transfers.

Monaco’s Banking Centre

The distribution of assets managed by banks in Monaco is clearly oriented towards financial investments: one third in deposits and two thirds in securities. Financing and credit activities are constantly on the rise. Monaco’s mutual funds industry continues to grow. There are an increasing number of jobs in asset management and engineering.

Andbank in Monaco

Andbank Monaco was founded on 1 July 2011 following the Andbank Group’s desire to expand its offering for its high-end private banking clientèle.

Andbank Monaco employs the Group’s experience to offer its clients high quality services. Our aim is to establish a long lasting relationship with our clients based on mutual trust.

Receptive to their requirements, we tailor and adapt our management to meet their wealth objectives. Our purpose is to ensure the long term durability and growth of their wealth.

Andbank Monaco shares core values with the Principality of Monaco characterised by solid growth, stable governance, openness towards a highly internationalised world and an attractive financial and banking environment.

A team of experienced private bankers, confirmed specialists and attentive and qualified Management are present to respond to your asset requirements competently and confidentially.