With its presence in 11 countries around the world, Andbank can provide its clients with international accounts and assets, with asset management and tracking. This represents a real competitive advantage in supporting our clients that are present in several countries, or that have multiple places of residence and in possession of significant financial wealth, requiring, as such, a different quality of service.

A Family Business

Aware of the demands of holding a family wealth, the Andbank Group has a team of qualified and specialised professionals to support their clients in their personal projects.

Articulated around a multidisciplinary philosophy, our team of specialists are able to offer specific assistance in tax, legal, economic or even property matters for assets that require it.

Our objective is always to ensure the transmission of our clients’ wealth to their future generations, offering global solutions, advice on financial matters and synergies between families.

Global Advice

The Andbank Group offers its clients a personalized advice service. For clients wishing to diversify their investments towards non-financial assets, our experts will advise them on philanthropy, and art and property, among other areas, always helping them to find a compatible balance between their personal projects and level of wealth.

Family synergy within club deals

The Andbank Group offers its private clients the possibility of co-investing in exclusive operations.

Through club deals, investors can share risks and resources in order to pool the acquisition of various assets.

Being a family bank gives us a key competitive advantage which allows us to understand and share interests with our clients.

The Andbank Group manages to unite investors from diverse backgrounds (individuals, professionals etc.) that are linked by a common project.