Their analytical skills are available to clients both to actively participate in the management of their financial assets and the organisation of their wealth in its entirety. Our clients can freely access our financial analyst teams’ opinions, the reports they write, their consultation of market information, or their stock market analyses. Within the Andbank Group, we also have the necessary resources to support our clients in their various personal projects, whether economic, financial, wealth, inheritance, social or artistic.

Particular philanthropy

Within the Andbank Group, dedicated employees assist clients with a high degree of social responsibility, who wish to diversify their investments to solidarity projects or actions, creating, through their involvement, a lasting impact on the Company.

A team of specialists will advise you in order to assist you in the project with which you most identify from a personal point of view:

  1. Creating and strategically managing Foundations
  2. Planning gifts
  3. Operational management of philanthropic vehicles
  4. Management of financial allocations