Personalised management

  • Our clients’ portfolios are managed by a dedicated team of financial market professionals. Our team of experts selects the most suitable investments for our clients’ profiles.
  • Portfolio allocations are adapted and adjusted on a continuous basis, based on market conditions.

Absolute return fund management

We manage our clients’ portfolios with a very conservative perspective, with a permanent goal of preserving capital. We seek to obtain the best returns in a context of moderate volatility. This management strategy involves a great deal of flexibility in the choice of investments, so that our managers may use arbitrages in terms of asset allocation at any time, according to their own view of the market.

Directional or traditional management

As part of a directional or traditional management, our clients’ portfolios are managed according to a dynamic allocation, using all asset classes, across every geographic zone and sector.

The assets thus invested in the portfolios are sensitive to financial movements and their performance is dependent on market developments. The strategy applied by our managers aims to maintain the best possible balance in the investment choices, according to the investor’s risk profile, in order to maximize the risk/return ratio over the long term.