Our institution adheres to the Deposit Insurance Fund (Fonds des Garantie des Dépôts et de Résolution – FGDR), created by the French Law of 25 June 1999.

This fund is responsible for protecting and compensating depositors and investors for their deposits and securities if their banking or financial institution is declared bankrupt and their assets have become unavailable.

The FGDR guarantee covers, under certain conditions and within certain limits, eligible deposits and securities as well as regulatory guarantee commitments which must be issued by a banking or financial institution to professionals, under the ceilings and deductibles established by the regulations. The FGDR may also be involved in crisis Resolution before a bankruptcy, to prevent clients from the harmful consequences of such situations.

In charge of a general interest mission, the FGDR thus protects clients if their institution goes bankrupt. By securing client assets, it contributes to maintain confidence in the banking system and ensure its stability.

For further information, please download the attached information brochure and consult the FGDR

  • Download the information brochure on the FGDR and its coverages