When you leave Andorra, always buy with Tax-Free


Why choose Woonivers?

  • It’s fast. Use the Woonivers app for your Tax-Free purchases and claim a VAT refund on your purchases in less than 3 minutes.
  • It’s simple. Claim your in-store receipt, scan your in-app tickets, and Woonivers manages the rest.
  • It’s secure. Woonivers is an official Tax-Free operator. Technology ensures that your personal data is secure.

How to do it

  • Download the Woonivers app on your mobile device and sign up.
  • After shopping at one of the partner stores, scan the receipt on the app. There you can find an interactive map showing the associated shops.
  • Woonivers in 24/48 hours will provide you with a QR code to validate at customs in DIVA format.
  • Once the QR has been scanned, in 24 hours Woonivers will verify that everything is correct and confirm via the app whether or not you can claim a refund.
  • You will be able to decide how to receive the refund and the bank where you receive it. If you choose Andbank as a Woonivers partner, you will earn a higher return percentage.

You can find more information here