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Andbank and the Andorran Swimming Federation renew their collaboration for three more years



Andbank and the Andorran Swimming Federation renew their collaboration for three more years

FAN and Andbank announce at a press conference the renewal of the collaboration and goals of the Andorran swimming team until 2025

Escaldes-Engordany, 8 March 2022.

Andbank and the Andorran Swimming Federation (FAN) have today announced the renewal of the collaboration agreement for three more years during a press conference held at the bank’s headquarters.

The event was attended by Joan Clotet, President of the FAN, and Josep M. Cabanes, Vice General Director of the state bank, representing Andbank. Also present were Alfonso Maltrana, technical director of swimming, Natàlia Meca, technical director of artistic swimming, as well as Vice President Xavier Domingo.

“The FAN has done a magnificent job over the last few seasons and it’s now yielding results, which is why at Andbank, we want to keep backing this team of athletes, who push themselves and continue to grow, competition by competition”, said Josep M. Cabanes of Andbank.

For his part, Joan Clotet emphasised that “the renewal of the collaboration agreement with Andbank is fundamental for the FAN to be able to achieve all the challenges and objectives that we have set ourselves in a roadmap that will reach 2025, in the games of the Small States to be held in Andorra ”

Clotet reiterated the Federation’s commitment to “guide our swimmers to form a strong and winning team that will represent Andorra at an international level”. During these years of pandemic, it has been a black spot for the base of teams, who have had a bad time. But they have been able to overcome it and now the federation wants to rediscover this base that has to forge ahead.

Clotet also reported that this roadmap was not created solely for the purpose of the Andorra Games, during these years there will be many other important competitions, such as the upcoming European Championships in Budapest, the Games of the Small States of Malta next year, and the 2024 Paris Olympics, among others.

He also recalled that the work done so far has also been very important for some swimmers to gain Olympic scholarships, such as Nàdia Tudó and Tomàs Lomera, as well as Patrick Pelegrina, who has won a FINA scholarship.

As for the International Federation, they have their support in the training and qualifications of coaches. Last year, they taught two courses, swimming and artistic, and this year, FINA has accepted that the second level swimming course can be taught.

Another point of this project of the Federation is “the review of the agreements that we have with the neighbouring federations. We have already done it with the Catalan federation and we hope to do it soon with the Spanish and French, and we also want to do it with other foreign clubs”. These agreements will help swimmers who go abroad to study to continue training and continue with their sports career.

“We are confident that this ambitious project that we have set ourselves will help us to have a solid foundation and achieve many successes” concluded Joan Clotet.