Compte Amic –The account for growing experts


The new Compte Amic account is a current account designed for the youngest members of the household, where they can deposit their savings with some great advantages and gifts:

Account Features 

  • 0-18 years old
  • Completely free of charge, with no opening, maintenance or inactivity fees
  • Current account interest paid at 0.10 %
  • Cash available immediately without penalty
  • Possibility of a free Andbank Visa Electron card for young people over 14 years of age

The main characters of the Compte Amic account are two brothers, Canòlich and Cerni, their friends, Anna and Esteve, and their pet Roc. Children will be able to be identified with these characters, created by the artist Pilarín Bayés, and they will become familiar with their savings. 

Open a Compte Amic account and collect a welcome gift for your child.

Special conditions:
  • Campaign aimed at Andorran residents in general. 
  • The account holder must be a single person under the age of 18 with at least one guardian responsible for transactions as a representative. 
  • Current account interest rate of 0.10% with quarterly settlement, according to current conditions and subject to annual review. Income subject to personal income tax.
  • Possibility of account cancellation. 
  • From the age of 18, the Compte Amic contract becomes a traditional current account. 
  • To open an account, a document identifying the holder and the authorised representative(s) is required, as well as proof of the origin of the funds.
  • The welcome gift is related to the age of the child and is subject to availability. 
  • The value of the gift is not redeemable for cash.
  • Possibility of purchasing non-complex products. 
  • The account does not allow direct debits or draft discounting, nor can it be debited or used to provide customers’ own or third-party guarantees.