We offer the greatest advantages to help you in your administration tasks:

More convenient

  • Eliminate administrative tasks, which are transferred to Andbank.
  • You will have detailed information of the confirmed portfolio and the part anticipated by suppliers.


  • You can choose how to pay suppliers.
  • You can make block payments to suppliers and receive a single charge when due.

More security

  • Offer your suppliers an absolute guarantee in their accounts receivable.
  • Eliminate any possible impacts on direct debit receipts.
  • Enjoy effective control of payments to suppliers.

Andbank offers an array of products and services tailored to the operations of the company to facilitate the process of payment in the most convenient and effective way.

Pay worldwide with the reassurance of one of the most solvent banks in the world.

  1. Documentary credit management service for your international transactions.
  2. Exchange risk and interest rate insurance if you perform transactions in various currencies.
  3. Deposits and guarantees to cover any payment.
  4. Cheques, promissory notes and bills for short-term transactions, transfers.
  5. Confirma, Andbank’s comprehensive payment management system.