Andbank Wealth

We know that your time is invaluable, so we have developed an app with the latest digital technology, for you to manage your investments without going to the office, in a simple, versatile environment and, most importantly, absolute confidentiality and security.

Fingerprint recognition



Only you will be able to access the Andbank Wealth app, thanks to fingerprint and facial recognition.

Global position



View your consolidated global position and access your portfolio online, with detailed information on valuation and returns.

News and updates



You can directly access the latest, most relevant news and updates, as well as our experts’ selection of products.




The market section gives you access to the investment universe, thanks to real-time monitoring of international indexes and share prices, ETFs and currencies, following the trends in securities.

Your online banker



You can communicate with your Private Banker securely and confidentially via the app chat, benefitting from the total freedom of your mobile device, wherever and whenever you choose.

Document management



View and sign online the contracts and documents generated by your transactions, conveniently, with full legal guarantees, and without going to the office.



Disponible a App Store
Disponible a Google Play