Personalised management

  • Individual and ongoing professional assistance and advice.
  • We provide you with our team of expert managers who will look for the investments that best suit your profile.
  • Continuous monitoring of the portfolio and adaptation to changes according to the profile established for each client.

Absolute return management

  • This is moderate volatility management, focused on the preservation of capital and the search for positive profitability in any market conditions. The strategy used to manage this portfolio favours flexibility when adapting the investment mix that our analysts deem necessary according to their own market view.

Directional or traditional management

  • Directional management is one that takes one or more market indices as a reference.
  • Funds that make up this portfolio are sensitive to trends, and therefore obtaining results is subject to general market behaviour.
  • The strategy undertaken by our managers seeks to maintain a stable balance in each asset class according to the investor’s risk profile. The profitability-risk relationship is maximized in the long term.