Payments with a single gesture

Contactless is the fastest card payment system so far: payment is made just by placing the card near the POS terminal.

This new contactless payment system allows consumers to save time because it is much easier and quicker to place the card near the terminal than a conventional payment.


What are its advantages?

  • Speed: simply place the card near the terminal to be detected.
  • Convenience: you do not need to enter the PIN or sign the purchase receipt for payments of less than € 20.
  • Flexibility: the card also functions as a normal card in terminals not adapted to contactless technology.
  • Security: place the card close to the reader, do not give it to anyone or make any contact with any element that could damage it.

How and where does it work?

The operation is quick and convenient:

  1. The merchant or entity types the amount of the purchase into the contactless POS.
  2. The user moves the card close to the terminal.
  3. If the amount is less than € 20, the payment is made automatically and the receipt of the transaction is printed.
  4. If the amount is greater than € 20, the customer must enter the secret PIN to validate the operation.

Contactless cards work in any establishment that has the terminal or the dataphone adapted with NCF (contactless) technology that is distinguished with the same symbol of the card.