All this analytical capability is available to clients who wish to participate actively in the management of their wealth. In this way, the client can freely access the opinion of our analysis teams, as well as the documents they generate, obtaining updated information on markets, stock analysis or investment guides, among others.

At Andbank we generate the necessary resources to guide your investment projects in different areas of the economy, as well as in financial planning, philanthropy or art.

Philanthropy advice

This service is designed for clients with a high degree of social responsibility who wish to diversify their investments towards solidarity projects or actions.

A global and independent team of specialized investors will advise you so that you can opt for the project with which you most identify from a personal point of view:

  1. Creating and strategically managing foundations
  2. Planning gifts
  3. Encouraging the legacy of a philanthropic culture among members of the same family
  4. Investing profits to support a specific cause
  5. Optimising your tax-related contributions