New VIA-T device with more advantages: Now you can fast-track to tolls in France, Spain and Portugal, without queues or tickets, and access more parking lots, car washes and gas stations, in addition to the discounts available at each concessionaire.


 Advantages VIA-T PLUS

  • The fastest and easiest way to pay, since it is not necessary to stop to pay at all tolls in Spain, France and Portugal.
  • You can use this service in more than 180 Spanish parking lots.
  • Enjoy the service also in car wash tunnels and in more than 3,600 petrol stations all over Spain.
  • You will not have to stop to pick up a ticket.
  • You will have exclusive fast lanes.
  • The installation of the transmitter is easy and convenient.
  • Discounts available at each dealer.
  • Payment and statement broken down at the end of the month.

You can check available parking spaces here

*Customers who have the current VIA-T can change to the new VIA-T PLUS at any time or wait for the device to expire. Switching to the new service may incur additional costs. The price of the VIA-T Plus is 50 euros for the device and 30 euros for annual maintenance (IGI not included). If you need more information, please contact your manager or call 873 030