Secure internet shopping

As an Andbank card holder, you can enjoy our system of secure online shopping:


Verified By Visa

Protect your Visa card with a personal code for your online purchases. The only service that guarantees authentication and identification of card user and participating e-stores.

How to register? Through participating e-stores:

  • You can make up to 3 purchases at participating e-stores without being registered.
  • If you make a purchase at a participating e-store, after entering the card numbers (16 digits), the system will ask if you want to register with the service and will then ask for the card PIN (4 digits). Once the code is verified, you will be registered in the secure online shopping system.

Through any Andbank cash point:

  • Through the “secure online shopping” option, you will get the PUK code. With this code you can now register as a secure client on the Andbank website.

Register with the PUK code.