Allows you to pay for purchases and services and access to cash in the most comfortable and secure way.

Advantages of the Visa Gold Card

  • Exclusivity. Card of recognized prestige in any country and with total assurance
  • Credit limit based on your needs. The cardholder will have an upper limit depending on his or her lifestyle.
  • Security. Maximum security against fraudulent use thanks to EMV (chip) technology and methodical control to detect fraudulent operations.
  • Free insurance: Travel accident in public transport and travel assistance with the Visa Gold card. Check here for the coverage provided.
  • Emergency tel. +34 93 463 12 34
  • Optional anti-fraud insurance. You can have an anti-fraud insurance of €28.50 a year, which will cover you for the loss or theft of your card.
  • Discounts at petrol stations in Andorra belonging to the Artal Group, Cepsa and Elf and at affiliated shops.
  • Extensive network of cash dispensers: 23 cash dispensers in Andorra and over 800,000 worldwide.


  • Deferred payments. The customer can choose to pay for all his purchases at the end of the month or they can spread out their payments in percentage monthly instalments or fixed amounts.
  • The most detailed information: monthly, yearly and, optionally, fortnightly, per transaction type, sector and country.
  • Contactless payment system that allows you to pay quickly, conveniently and securely just by bringing your card close to the POS terminal.
  • Visa Secure secure online shopping. Protect your Visa card with a personal code for your online purchases. The only service that guarantees authentication and identification of card user and participating e-stores.
    • SMS notification service We will notify you by SMS of the purchases you make with your card each time you make a transaction over € 50. You will receive an SMS on your mobile phone that will notify you of the amount of your purchase and the company or store where it has been made. Check with your manager to obtain the service.
Cost: € 1.00 per month


Emergency telephone numbers in the event of loss or theft:

+376 739 039
+34 913 62 62 00
+1 800 847 29 11 (EEUU)


*Anti-fraud insurance covers.

– The anti-fraud insurance covers the loss or theft of the card. This includes purchases made with the card, ATM cash withdrawals, as well as internet or phone transactions.

– Coverage for claims arising from these cases insures up to the following amounts:

  • Electron Card: €1,500 per claim
  • Classic Card: €3,000 per claim
  • Gold Card: €6,000 per claim
  • Platinum Card: €12,000 per claim

– Up to 72 prior to the claim being filed, which must have been filed within the last 45 days.
– The insurance is limited to 35 transactions.