The best solution to check your account at any time and place

Advantages of Visa Debit

  • Total peace of mind. You can control your purchases at all times as it is instantaneous, the purchase you make will be charged to your account instantly.
  • Security. Maximum security against fraudulent use thanks to EMV (chip) technology and methodical control to detect fraudulent operations.
  • Optional anti-fraud insurance. You can have an anti-fraud insurance of €9,75 a year, which will cover you for the loss or theft of your card.
  • Discounts at petrol stations in Andorra belonging to the Artal Group, Cepsa and Elf and at affiliated shops.


  • Contactless payment system that allows you to pay quickly, conveniently and securely just by bringing your card close to the POS terminal.
  • Visa Secure secure online shopping. Protect your Visa card with a personal code for your online purchases. The only service that guarantees authentication and identification of card user and participating e-stores.
    • SMS notification service We will notify you by SMS of the purchases you make with your card each time you make a transaction over € 50. You will receive an SMS on your mobile phone that will notify you of the amount of your purchase and the company or store where it has been made.
Cost: € 1.00 per month

Emergency tel. in case of loss or theft:

+376 739 039
+34 913 62 62 00
+1 800 847 29 11 (EEUU)


*Anti-fraud insurance covers.

– The anti-fraud insurance covers the loss or theft of the card. This includes purchases made with the card, ATM cash withdrawals, as well as internet or phone transactions.

– Coverage for claims arising from these cases insures up to the following amounts:

  • Electron Card: €1,500 per claim
  • Classic Card: €3,000 per claim
  • Gold Card: €6,000 per claim
  • Platinum Card: €12,000 per claim

– Up to 72 prior to the claim being filed, which must have been filed within the last 45 days.
– The insurance is limited to 35 transactions.