Are you a business or freelancer and you need to sell online?


Andbank would like to facilitate your transactions with your customers with PayGold, a service linked to the Virtual POS that allows you to begin the purchasing process by sending a payment request.

With PayGold you can easily collect payments from your customers with maximum security and speed.


How does it work?


  • Customers place an order through any channel (phone, e-mail, web page).
  • They provide a mobile number or email address to make the payment.
  • Your business sends an SMS or email (customizable) with the link allowing them access to complete the payment.
  • Your customers make the payment via the link by entering their card details.
  • You receive confirmation of the payment and this serves as an order.


PayGold is easy, safe and completely flexible for your customers. Because at Andbank, we make it easy for you.

If have not yet activated it, ask your account executive.