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Farewell to the best swimmer in the history of Andorra




Farewell to the best swimmer in the history of Andorra

Mònica Ramirez: “The time has come to experience swimming in a different way. I love swimming and training and I don’t want to stop doing it.”

Escaldes-Engordany, 16 August 2022.

Visibly moved, Ramírez read a statement in which she began by thanking her parents and her coaches, Enric Claret and Sergio Rayo, for having managed to create the legacy she is leaving behind. It cannot be forgotten that in these 15 years she has broken more than fifty Andorran records and still holds 13 national best times.

“I am proud of everything that swimming has given me. Both in terms of the results and experiences I’ve had, and the kind of dreams I’ve fulfilled, and above all, because of the person it made me; the values it has instilled in me, the capacity to sacrifice, to better myself, to be organised, to do things with love, enthusiasm and to dream. Thanks to swimming I am who I am, and thanks to it, I have got this far as an athlete, as a professional and as a person.”

With these words, alongside Joan Clotet, president of the Andorran Swimming Federation and Josep Maria Cabanes, deputy general manager of Banca País d’Andbank, Mònica Ramírez Abella sought to sum up her sporting career during the press conference in her official farewell to competition at swimming’s senior level, and in the presence of the Minister of Culture and Sports, Sílvia Riva, and the Secretary of State for Sports, Justo Ruiz.

“Mònica has left a legacy of fifteen years in international competitions, she has competed as an international thirty-three times for Andorra and surely one of her most special moments was her participation in the 2012 London Olympic Games”, summarised Clotet, and went on to say, “Today is a historic day for Andorran swimming and we wanted to be with Mònica to thank her for her dedication and effort. Mònica is the best swimmer Andorra has ever had.”

Josep M. Cabanes highlighted the example of Ramírez as an elite athlete for younger swimmers, and expressed the hope that her career will inspire the next generation and be that spark when they need someone to look up to.
Both Clotet and Cabanes closed their speeches by thanking Ramírez for her full dedication to the senior National Swimming team and wishing her every success in her career as a nurse.

During his speech, Clotet also announced that the Federation’s plans to create a new section of the website to pay tribute to the historic career of Andorra’s top swimmers.