Our new online banking is now more intuitive, streamlined and secure. With more and better features, so you’ll be able to work in comfort and obtain all the information you need in order to operate with absolute freedom and mobility. The platform is also available in four languages to make your operations easier.


Manage your personal account

With the new Home Banking, you can manage your personal data, access your documents and view your correspondence.


Overall position

Quickly view your overall position with all the available products displayed. You’ll be able to view specific data on your account and obtain information on economic topics and the main active campaigns.



New features for making and managing transfers between your own accounts and between domestic and international accounts.



You’ll be able to track all the transactions you make with any of your cards at any given time and, if necessary, enable and block them.



You’ll be able to view the breakdown of the products linked to savings with information on the transaction type, reference currency, interest rate, maturity, volume and total amount.


Trading in securities and funds

This tool will make it easier for you to make online investments. It will include a comprehensive view of the market share prices. You’ll also be able to access the security trading transactions in your portfolio with a single click.

To access them you’ll just need the same username as the one you used for the previous version of the platform. If you don’t have a username, you’ll need to contact your account manager to sign up.